Anthology Obscura Ep. 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride and Shocker on Shock Street

Kids like to be scared too! Our new episode proves it, we’re tackling two adored children’s shows that are sure to give you... Goosebumps! That’s right, RL Stines classic Shocker on Shock Street from the Goosebumps TV Series! And also, submitted for your approval, The Tale of The Midnight ride, the classic ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark?’ Episode! So be sure to Keep the lights on and tune in!

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A conversation with Will Puntarich of Shock Media Inc.

An Immersive haunt? Count us in! We were lucky enough to get an invite to the party of all parties; A Halloween Bash where selected attendees were flash mobbed into a theatrically gruesome and sacrificial sequence of events. What kind of person would do such a thing? Will Puntarich of course. He runs Shock Media Inc. and we got the whole scoop on how it all goes down in this episode of Conversations. If you like what you see, and trust us you will, subscribe!

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Anthology Obscura Ep. 1: The Man Who Was Death and Trick or Treat

We started a podcast, and guess what? Our first episode is now live! We’re talking Tales! Both of the Crypt and From the Darkside variety! Kicking off our inaugural episode, we thought it would be fun to tackle each show’s premiere episode.  Sit back & listen as we breakdown The Man Who Was Death and Trick or Treat...You’ve been warned!

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Haunted Hangover Minisode 3: Hanging at the Clark Botanic Gardens Spooky Walk

We got some awesome footage while hanging around a long occurring spooky walk at the Clark Botanic Gardens. Alongside tons of games and rides, the walk is employed with local teens who are into haunting just as much as we are! Be sure to check out this mini-episode while we conure up another great review for you soon and don't forget to subscribe!

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Haunted Hangover Visits Nightmare Machine

After a grueling hangover from all the festivities that October had brought us, the crew is back! This time for a wee bit of day drinking and day dreaming at Nightmare Machine. In this episode, our talented and long time pal D.Catalano helps us determine if this exhibit was more artsy or fartsy. Watch now to find out if Nightmare Machine is making it to our frightening feed!

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