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There’s no better way to spend a friday night then crushing some beers with our best buds over a serious competitive game of Mixtape  Massacre. In this very special Game Night edition of Haunted Hangover we put the phones down and rolling dice up for a nostalgic blast from horror past. It’s a fight to the death and fun for the whole family. Warning! Contains Small Parts! Choking, Stabbing, Chopping, Slicing, Excorcising Hazard. Play with Caution. 

Justin and Randi, two career criminals, plan one last job, to rob a pregnant enigmatic widow. What is supposed to be a routine robbery suddenly turns into a nightmare they will never forget.

New short film coming soon.

A man is haunted by the past, which could cloud his future and signal something even more sinister.

"I Am Always With You"
Written and Performed by Marvelous Persona
Album: In The Blood


Good Day follows the lives of six twenty-somethings on Halloween night as their paths cross en route to a costume party. As they face rejection, neglect, anticipation, and loss, they begin to wonder if the scariest part about Halloween is real life.

Check out New Needle Productions first feature-length film on Amazon Prime Video.