Post Halloween Recap with New Needle (2016)

This week the holiest of holidays came to an end, Halloween. It's been a busy few months for New Needle Productions. We completed (and released) our first in what will be an ongoing Halloween short series, which you can check out at the bottom of this post, along with being a part of this years Sexy Armpit Halloween special (also at the bottom.) Both were a blast to work on and We're planning more stuff like that in the future. We're also on the last legs of finishing the audio work on our Halloween-centric feature film Good Day and plan to have info on that soon. With all this busyness, writing just wasn't realistic. I was only able to knock out one review for my visit to Halloween Horror Nights, so here is a quick run through of some other great (and not so great) attractions I checked out this Halloween season. 

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New Needle's Halloween Short 2016

It's finally here! We've been teasing this one all month! New Needle's 2016 Halloween Short! Starring Christopher Poultney, Zach Seekins, and Curtis Wilkerson (Who also scored the short under his music project Porno Dolphin) .... so crack open some pumpkin beer, load up on the Halloween Candy and come find out what we've got in store for you this year!

You can check out more of Porno Dolphin's music over at his Bandcamp page.  

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New Short film for Halloween 2016

The New Needle crew just wrapped on their latest short film for the Halloween Season. We can't go into detail on the plot just yet! Check back October 28th for it's debut. 

The short stars Christopher Poultney, Zack Seekins, & Curtis Wilkerson. 

Shot, directed, and edited by Louie Cortes

Scored by Pornodolphin:

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