Pic Stories #2: Dark Manor

As most people know haunted houses are one of my favorite attractions to attend every October. After a very rainy trip to Salem, Massachusetts I decided to stop by a random haunt on my way to NYC. This photo was captured after exiting the Dark Manor haunted attraction in Norwich, CT. The haunt itself was terrifying but in a good way! Check out the review in my 2016 Halloween recap . After we regained our composure from fright; I decided to snap a picture of the spooky facade. I loved how intimidating it looked; the creepy red light glimmering through a window, Skulls lined up and down the side panels. The haunts name was primitively carved into the wood above. Everything screamed “DO NOT ENTER” which is something you want from a haunted house. The horror ended, and then just seconds after taking the picture, a scare actor (doing her best Jared Leto joker impression) popped her head out to compliment my girlfriend’s ear gauges. It was hilarious to see this girl dressed up as a psychotic clown completely break character just to share some kind words. It’s a funny detail and moment of levity in an otherwise sinister looking photo.

Check out the first edition of Pic Stories here, along with a short intro detailing why I started the series. 

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Goosebumps: Shrieks and Spiders (Game Review)

Goosebumps: Shrieks and Spiders (Game Review)

Goosebumps, a wildly popular children's book series in the nineties, revolves around horror themed tales with pre-teens as the main protagonists. The books cover everything from ghosts, monsters, and even a sinister ventriloquist dummy. Like most things aimed at children, a plethora of Goosebumps related tie-in products existed; Toys, video games, even birthday party supplies. As a kid I wanted to get my hands on as much of this stuff as possible. Anything I didn't get as a kid I've since hunted for as an adult. A few years back on my birthday I was fortunate to have been gifted one of their board games. I was so stoked as I had no clue this game existed. Like most collectors I've kept it in it's original packaging in attempt to keep it as pristine as possible. Finally giving in, I said 'F-it", opened it and boy, was it worth it. 

Pic Stories #1: Zombie Castle

It's been a little quiet on the site as of late and that drives me crazy! I enjoy writing, but finding the time isn't that easy. I'm on the tail end of editing our first feature film Good Day, so most of my time has gone to that. The plan is to change things in 2017 and come up with new material a bit more. That being said, here is something new! 

I don't consider myself a photographer or anything, but taking pictures is something I enjoy doing. Whenever I visit a fun place or something random catches my eye, I'll snap a photo. I'll run it through different apps and edit it to look like vintage photography from the 80's/90's (It's an aesthetic I love) and post it on Instagram. Instead of just posting and seeing how many "likes" I'll get, I figured writing a brief description as to why I took it would be a cool concept, so here is the inaugural edition, Zombie Castle.  

Above is a photo I snapped as I entered the "dark ride" Zombie Castle, located at Rye Playland. I'm pretty sure I've gone on this attraction about 50 times in my life, but never fully took the time to appreciate the art work plastered across the walls. All those zombies rising from their graves. The grotesque heads floating above; which stare down at you as you enter a void of darkness. Even the painted stone around the entrance appears sinister. I know It's basically just "horror" graffiti, but it's awesome! As a kid this artwork made these things intimidating as hell; it definitely tricked us all into shelling out a couple of buck and riding them, only to discover no flesh devouring zombies inside. Regardless I've always been a sucker for these types of haunted houses. No visit to a fair is complete until I go in one. Sure they always feel dated, but hold a certain charm you don't find on many attractions today.

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Post Halloween Recap with New Needle (2016)

Post Halloween Recap with New Needle (2016)

This week the holiest of holidays came to an end, Halloween. It's been a busy few months for New Needle Productions. We completed (and released) our first in what will be an ongoing Halloween short series, which you can check out at the bottom of this post, along with being a part of this years Sexy Armpit Halloween special (also at the bottom.) Both were a blast to work on and We're planning more stuff like that in the future. We're also on the last legs of finishing the audio work on our Halloween-centric feature film Good Day and plan to have info on that soon. With all this busyness, writing just wasn't realistic. I was only able to knock out one review for my visit to Halloween Horror Nights, so here is a quick run through of some other great (and not so great) attractions I checked out this Halloween season. 

New Needle's Halloween Short 2016

It's finally here! We've been teasing this one all month! New Needle's 2016 Halloween Short! Starring Christopher Poultney, Zach Seekins, and Curtis Wilkerson (Who also scored the short under his music project Porno Dolphin) .... so crack open some pumpkin beer, load up on the Halloween Candy and come find out what we've got in store for you this year!

You can check out more of Porno Dolphin's music over at his Bandcamp page.  

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New Needle visits Halloween Horror Nights XXVI

New Needle visits Halloween Horror Nights XXVI

When it comes to the Haunt season, one of the best theme park events has to be Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Each year they license horror franchises and characters creating some of the best haunted attractions on the planet. They certainly know how to set the tone and atmosphere for the season. I recently got back from visiting the park (in Orlando) as it celebrates its 26th year. As always, it delivered the goods and I was not disappointed.. If you plan on visiting this season, you should probably stop reading now; as I'll be spoiling some of the attractions. You've been warned!