Samhainophobia screening at Midsummer Scream

We are happy to announce that our short film SAMHAINOPHOBIA will be screening at the Midsummer scream event on Saturday July 29th, 2017. It will be a part of the "Screaming Room" during their Happy Halloween film Block at 1:00 pm. Check out the official website for more details.

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Louie Cortes on the B-movie Bros Podcast

Louie Cortes was recently a guest on the B-movie Bros Podcast. They discuss everything from how Louie first got into filmmaking, how his childhood shaped that decision, and ultimately, what led to New Needles' first feature-length production, Good Day.

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D.Catalano - Strange Brother, Stranger Sister (Music Video)

Below is our latest music video for D.Catalano's track "Strange Brother, Stranger Sister" off his new album "Everyone Else That Isn't You." Intended to be a part of a different project that didn't quite come to fruition. I used the existing footage and put this together instead. The end result perfectly captures the dread and gloom of a tortured soul. 

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New Needle Presents: Death on Location

As post production winds down on our first feature-length film "Good Day" we can finally begin work on our next project "Death On Location." The web-series takes our viewers to some of the most nefarious locations in New York, including famous sites where notorious serial killers carried out heinous acts, and even some of the more obscure, lesser known haunted locations in all of the five boroughs. Check out the teaser trailer below and keep an eye out for the premiere this summer!

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Pic Stories #2: Dark Manor

As most people know haunted houses are one of my favorite attractions to attend every October. After a very rainy trip to Salem, Massachusetts I decided to stop by a random haunt on my way to NYC. This photo was captured after exiting the Dark Manor haunted attraction in Norwich, CT. The haunt itself was terrifying but in a good way! Check out the review in my 2016 Halloween recap . After we regained our composure from fright; I decided to snap a picture of the spooky facade. I loved how intimidating it looked; the creepy red light glimmering through a window, Skulls lined up and down the side panels. The haunts name was primitively carved into the wood above. Everything screamed “DO NOT ENTER” which is something you want from a haunted house. The horror ended, and then just seconds after taking the picture, a scare actor (doing her best Jared Leto joker impression) popped her head out to compliment my girlfriend’s ear gauges. It was hilarious to see this girl dressed up as a psychotic clown completely break character just to share some kind words. It’s a funny detail and moment of levity in an otherwise sinister looking photo.

Check out the first edition of Pic Stories here, along with a short intro detailing why I started the series. 

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