Pic Stories #2: Dark Manor

As most people know haunted houses are one of my favorite attractions to attend every October. After a very rainy trip to Salem, Massachusetts I decided to stop by a random haunt on my way to NYC. This photo was captured after exiting the Dark Manor haunted attraction in Norwich, CT. The haunt itself was terrifying but in a good way! Check out the review in my 2016 Halloween recap . After we regained our composure from fright; I decided to snap a picture of the spooky facade. I loved how intimidating it looked; the creepy red light glimmering through a window, Skulls lined up and down the side panels. The haunts name was primitively carved into the wood above. Everything screamed “DO NOT ENTER” which is something you want from a haunted house. The horror ended, and then just seconds after taking the picture, a scare actor (doing her best Jared Leto joker impression) popped her head out to compliment my girlfriend’s ear gauges. It was hilarious to see this girl dressed up as a psychotic clown completely break character just to share some kind words. It’s a funny detail and moment of levity in an otherwise sinister looking photo.

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