The Martian (2015)

The Martian, The Golden Globe winning BEST COMEDY OF THE YEAR (yep, that happened…) landed (that’s a space pun!) on Blu Ray this past week. One of my personal favorites of 2015, the Blu Ray looks just as spectacular as it did in the theatres. This one is a great one for sure, check out my review below:



The Martian, as evidenced by the title takes place on Mars, primarily. OK, OK, obviously it’s not Mars, but it still looks AMAZING! The finer details look pretty great in close-ups, where smaller things like droplets of water dripping from the walls of Mark Watney's makeshift greenhouse are presented with razor sharp precision.  The vibrant reds that bask Mars in that sandy hue look incredible, even on a smaller scale than the movie theatre screen.  Equally as sharp and just as well detailed is most of the film's CGI, with nearly no elements sticking out as overly fake looking. Contrast is consistent as I noted above, and black levels are crisp and dark, helping to make some of the outer space sequences, most notably the ridiculously entertaining final act, pop extremely well.



There’s disco music ALL over this friggin’ movie, and it sounds great! The sound effects of the foreign planet ring out with extreme clarity. Obviously I know nothing about what NASA tech should sound like, but hell if I didn’t enjoy all of the beeps and whirs of it all. I turned it down quite a bit during some of the louder sequences, and everything was still audible and sounded “right”.



The label on the face of the Blu Ray boasts “over an hour of special features” and if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for EXTENSIVE, LONG, IN DEPTH features…. That said, I’m still giving The Martians selection top scores. This is a case of quality over quantity for sure. Featuring some great interviews, a few “mockumentaries” with the actors in character, production galleries, and even a pretty solid Gag Reel, there’s definitely enough on here to keep people entertained for a while!



The Martian is a bit of a rarity, in that, yes it does have quite a few comedic moments; but also at the same time paints a wonderful story about the willpower of human beings, and the lengths an individual will go through to survive. Equally as prominent in play here, is the theme of unity, and what it would look like for the entire world to come together for a cause. All of these pieces cobbled together behind a WONDERFUL script, a FANTASTIC cast, and the ever masterful directing of Ridley Scott, and you’ve got a film worth watching, again and again. Audio and Video quality are top notch on the Blu Ray, this one comes very highly recommended, and earns itself a perfect score in my eyes!