Star Wars Saga (2015 Editions)

If you happen to be living under a rock or someplace where the internet or newspapers don’t exist, then let me remind you: STAR WARS IS BACK! Episode VI dropped in theatres recently, to a MASSIVE and CONTINOUS box office haul. AVATAR WHO?! So I figured now would be the perfect time to go back and revisit the movies that started it all! (Actually I only got them as a gift for Christmas, but WHATEVER, I’m doing this!) Check out my review of the Star Wars Saga on Blu Ray below!...

And no, I’m not interested to know why you think the prequels suck, shut up and read the review!



Spanning three decades, I'm happy to report that, for the most part, the movies look pretty wonderful. Not all of them qualify as "reference quality," whatever that means—although Episode III probably is the one that would be closest to it—but the transfers/restorations the films have been given is definitely a whole lot of steps up from those old DVD releases. While watching The Complete Saga this weekend there were several instances where I felt compelled to rewind and just bask in how beautiful certain scenes look in high definition. The white snows of Hoth come to life in a wonderful way, the black on Darth Vader shines in almost an epic, dreamlike way. Sure there are imperfections, but I’m willing to forgive the few that I caught because of the rest of the transfers.



Yes, yes, and yes again. SO MUCH WIN HERE. You know why? Because these lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1 tracks are perfect. Not perfect like, "Yeah, they seem generally true-to-source and, no, there's no muffling or anything," but perfect like, "Yes. Hell yes. This is what sci-fi should sound like." Perfect as in completely exemplary in all the ways you'd hope they'd be. Superlative. Grade-A. Certified Gold. It’s loud, it’s immersive, and it’s spectacular.


Stubble (bordering on a clean shaven face)

Unfortunately, buying them all individually robs you of the bevy of special features that comes attached to the complete box set. Each movie here comes with two audio commentaries, and nothing more. It’s a shame that the individual releases don’t have more to dig through (yet), though there’s definitely going to be a bunch of re-releases down the line, hopefully those come with a bit more meat on their bare, bare bones.



The Star Wars Saga. It’s Star Wars, what more can I really say? Yeah, the prequels are divisive to say the least; and even more so are the changes Lucas threw into the original trilogy (yes, all of those are present on these releases)…. But come on, it’s STAR WARS! Great audio and visual presentations make up for the lack of bonus content here FOR SURE. Check them out, buy them, watch them over and over again. Then go watch The Force Awakens, then watch the originals again… rinse, repeat.