Captain America: Civil War (2016)

It all started in 2008, with the now iconic post credit scene featuring Samuel L Jackson telling Robert Downey Jr that he wanted to talk to him about the “Avengers Initiative” Thus launching the unprecedented Marvel Cinematic Universe… Now here we are eight years, and thirteen massive blockbusters later; we’re at War. Civil War to be exact. Captain America: Civil War, the huge blockbuster hit of the summer that finally addresses the question of consequences in the superhero world debuted on Blu Ray this week; and boy does it make an impact! Packed with special features and an audio and video transfer that just doesn’t give up, Civil War is the game changing action film of 2016 that diehards MCU-ites and casual fans alike NEED to add to their collections! Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Choose your side and check out my review!


This flick is FULL of spectacle and CGI, and never once does anything look like it doesn’t belong. The contrasts and colors are top notch, with all the bright gear adorned by these larger than life characters always looking EXACTLY how you’d expect it to look. Blacks are deep, reds are vibrant, the blue in Cap’s costume is as vivid as it should be. The finer details, like the metallic arm of the Winter Soldier shine and pop in all the right places. The larger action set pieces come with a bit of grain, but nothing too detracting. Nothing ever comes across as too dull or too flat; this is an overall terrific presentation from Disney this time around.


Avengers: Age of Ultron had this same problem… SOMETHING is off about the DTS 7.1 audio. It’s just a little too hushed in conversation, and just a little too loud everywhere else. The levels are good, but not consistent enough to give it a perfect audio score. It’s not BAD by any means, but at normal levels you’ll find yourself struggling JUST a bit to hear some of the more hushed conversations, only to turn your volume up and be nearly deafened by the next explosion. It’s inconsistencies like this that keep Captain America: Civil War from being a reference quality BD, at least in terms of audio standards.


Ever since Disney started distributing Marvel’s Blu Rays, the biggest complaint for collectors has been the SEVERE lack of special features. Gone were the Iron Man 2 days, where the bonus content was lengthy enough that it came housed on its own disc.  Thankfully, Civil War seems to be a step back in the right direction; featuring a fairly long “making of” called United We Stand, Divided We Fall -- The Making of Captain America: Civil War. This is the primary behind the scenes doc of the movie, and is broken up in to two parts, both at just under a half hour each. Coupled with that is a commentary by the Russo brothers, a smattering of deleted scenes, a gag reel, and a few other featurettes: Captain America: The Road to Civil War, Iron Man: The Road to Civil War, Open Your Mind: Marvel's Doctor Strange -- Exclusive Sneak Peek. Sure, I’d still love to see more, but then again, I’m a special features hound… beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.


Captain America: Civil War interweaves global politics, personal ideals, and impressively crafted action into one of the most complete movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. It's deep, it’s smart, and it’s intense, it’s just overall a genuinely strong picture that seamlessly blends together expert level storytelling (far outside of what you’d expect from general summer blockbuster popcorn fare) with near flawlessly crafted stunts and thrills. It's sure to leave a huge mark on the Marvel universe in the coming films, serving as, easily, the biggest game-changer yet in the series. Disney's Blu-ray is excellent, featuring an asbolutely great video transfer and really good audio along with a healthy allotment of extra content for a change. This one comes very highly recommended.