Macabre tales themed around your favorite Holidays

The Lonely Halloween (Episode 1)

On a bright Halloween afternoon, an excited witch is ready for all the Ghouls and Goblins to come knocking on her door. The pumpkins are lit and the candy is ready, but not a soul is in sight.


Samantha Quintana As The Witch

Sarah Oelckers as The Ghost

Ryan Oelckers as The Skeleton

Turkey Dinner? (Episode 2)


Lenny and Jeremy need to find a special bird for Thanksgiving or their mother won't cook them a meal. Will they be successful?


Mike Roche as Jeremy  

Benjamin Bunce as Lenny

Mario Melillo as "The Turkey"

Co-Written/Original Music by Mike Roche 

Something Special (Episode 3)

Nelson comes home for Christmas dinner with his wife, while plotting to meet with his mistress afterwards. Unbeknownst to him, his wife has something special planned!


Stephen Steinberg as Nelson

Jessica Cauttero As The Wife

Emily Stinson As "The Gift" 

Resolution (Episode 4)

Its New Years Eve, and everyone has a resolution they'd like to keep, including Josh. Can he stick to it, or will he fall back on his word?


Bradley Creanzo as Josh 

Michael Armstrong Barr as Joe   

Katherine Lloyd as Lily

Jackie Wolozin as Beth  

You're Perfect (Episode 5)

He has the candy, he has the flowers, and he's got the ring. All he needs is an answer. Will she say yes?


Gustavo Ramirez as "The Boyfriend"

 Helena Juszczak as "The Valentine" 

Followed Your Directions (episode 6)

A woman prepares "something" for her husband. Did she follow his Directions?


Michael Ryan Assip as "The Man" 

Lindsey Hodges as "The Woman"

Follow The Rainbow (Episode 7) 

After receiving cryptic text messages to “follow the rainbow” Pat and Rick venture out to do just that; but in the process get WAY more than they bargained for.

Christopher Poultney as Pat
Ryan Ferguson as Rick
Daniella Turano as "The Rainbow"
Edward Poultney as Lep