Museum of Death (Hollywood, CA)

I just returned from a short-but-relaxing trip to LA. Before heading out, I looked into a few places I wanted to visit, trying to pick out the most fun and least touristy options. On that list was "The Museum of Death." I was worried that this was going to be just another tourist trap, but after checking out their site and learning more about the museum through the internet and a few friends, I was won over!

The museum is located on Hollywood Blvd, just a few blocks from the TCL Chinese Theater. Out front, a Large skull is painted on one of the walls, with the words "Museum of Death" over the top. You can't miss the building. Once you enter, you'll be inside of the gift shop, next to the ticket desk. All of the walls are plastered with taxidermy animals, pictures of serial killers, and coroner tools. They even had a fish tank with living conjoined turtles, which had 2 or 3 heads if I remember correctly. We were told that this was a self-guided tour and that we should take our time walking through all of the different rooms. I won't go through the entire museum (that'll just spoil it) but here are some of the highlights.

·  Charles Manson Murders Room (Murder photos, memorabilia, authentic blanket sewn by his family, Etc...) 

·  Seeing real art work by serial killers (Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy, David Berkowitz,etc...)

·  A piece of the closet Rozz Williams (Singer of the Goth band Christian Death) hung himself in.

·  Area dedicated to notorious punk singer GG Allin (They had an autograph of his signed in blood)

·  The Heavens Gate recruiting video.

Be warned, apparently people have been known to pass out due to the graphic nature of some of the exhibits. Inside the museum are images and videos of real deaths; murders and autopsies are on full display. They even had a room with chairs set up for people to watch old Traces of Death videos. I thought the most disturbing thing was a wall full of images from real car accidents, but even that you can easily avoid by looking away. I highly recommend checking out the Museum of Death, especially if you have an interest in the morbid side of life.

For more info check out the museums official Site:

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