About Me... Sorta.

I figured my first blog entry should be a quick "about me," so I can introduce myself for those checking out the site. Writing about myself is a bit weird, so bear with me.

My name is Louie Cortes, I'm a New York native and filmmaker. My background has primarily been in the Horror/Sci-Fi genre. I've worked very closely with the production company Mass Grave pictures on several projects. These include Blood Slaughter Massacre (which I co-wrote and shot) and The Attack of the Brain People (I co-directed With Lindsay Serrano) After completing both films, I produced a web series titled "Holidays Of Terror." The basic premise of the series was to tell a short (horror) story revolving around a holiday. No two stories are alike and each have a bit of a morality tale at the end.

I'll begin production on another film titled Good Day, which I co-wrote with Christine Clark. The film is about a group of twenty-somethings and the situations they encounter on Halloween day. I love all types of films and have always wanted to experiment with the drama/comedy genre. Good Day is that experiment.

Besides writing and directing, I also do cinematography work. I'm currently a cinematographer on the film In the Shadow of the Imp and the Television series "Zombie Hunter: City of the Dead." Check them both out!

The main reason I started New Needle Productions is my love for all media. Besides film making, I'm interested in music, photography, and writing, and I figured this blog would be a good outlet for me to show the things I've worked on or am currently working on. 

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