Post Halloween Recap with New Needle (2016)

This week the holiest of holidays came to an end, Halloween. It's been a busy few months for New Needle Productions. We completed (and released) our first in what will be an ongoing Halloween short series, which you can check out at the bottom of this post, along with being a part of this years Sexy Armpit Halloween special (also at the bottom.) Both were a blast to work on and We're planning more stuff like that in the future. We're also on the last legs of finishing the audio work on our Halloween-centric feature film Good Day and plan to have info on that soon. With all this busyness, writing just wasn't realistic. I was only able to knock out one review for my visit to Halloween Horror Nights, so here is a quick run through of some other great (and not so great) attractions I checked out this Halloween season. 

The Dark Manor (Norwich, CT) 

On a drive back from Salem (check out my review from last year here) we came across a haunted attraction called Dark Manor. I had no prior knowledge of this haunt, but boy was I glad we decided to pay it a visit. With an authentic "manor" exterior and a literal labyrinth of rooms this has to be my new favorite haunt this year. One of the highlights had to be the fact that myself (and my girlfriend) were able to experience it alone. No extra groups were allowed in at the same time. This brought the spookiness up a few notches as we passed through several rooms filled with creatures and some of the best use of animatronics I've seen in a haunt. It was also impressive how you you enter, exit, and re-enter the house; with portions taking place inside and outside. Also, all of the great scare actors were the cherry on top, making it highly recommended. Definitely check out their official website for more info. A+++

Chamber of Horror (Hauppauge, NY) 

I first visited Chamber of Horror in 2014, stumbling across their website while researching for some Halloween fun to do with my family/friends. I vividly remember noticing the blood red font plastered across the screen and a zombie face starring back at me while I scrolled through pages. We rolled the dice and decided to check it out one night. We were impressed with the haunt so much that we payed them another visit this year. Keep in mind I rarely re-visit haunts unless I was blown away with my initial experience and Chamber of Horror hasn't failed me yet. Their attraction is even better now! They split the house into three separate mini haunts. Each section feels completely different from the last with some of the best attention to detail I've seen in a haunt this year. I love the classic cemetery setting you first enter, along with their zombie attack style area titled Ward 9; which was terrifying! I preferred this area over Universal HHN's Walking Dead house hands down! The exterior of the building also has a great display which really reminded me of the old spook-houses you see at state fairs. Chamber of Horror is now on my top 10 go to haunts and I'm hoping to revisit them again in the future. Excellent stuff!! A+++++

The Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze (Hudson Valley, NY) 

The Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze in Hudson Valley, NY is a glorious display of just that! Jack O' Lanterns! Not only are they expertly carved into some amazing images, but they also use the gourds themselves to create huge figures and displays. One of my favorites has to be a recreation of the Headless Horsemen throwing a pumpkin your direction. The dark setting and creepy music played throughout creates the perfect Halloween ambiance. One tip I can give anyone interested in going is to buy your ticket way in advance, this is one of the many reason it has taken me years to visit. Nights sell out pretty quickly, so jump on it when you get the chance. A++

The Haunt at Rocky Ledge (White Plains, NY) 

I'm not into bashing things, but The Haunt at Rocky Ledge has to be one of the lamest Haunted attractions I visited this year. The haunt itself is separated into different areas, making it pretty big, but the execution is pretty lackluster. The "Haunted Woods" portion was made up of actors hiding and hitting pieces of metal; which would startle anyone, but wasn't creepy or frightening. The corn-maze, If you want to call it that, was too short.  Along the way, one of the scare actors even stopped me to ask "how many people were waiting in line?" after I answered "none" he let out a massive howl (I'm guessing it was an early night for him.). This took me right out of the experience entirely. Their two small indoor haunts were made up of schlocky effects and actors who honesty looked like they wanted to just go home. Don't get me wrong, the place has potential, but they need to step it up. The location is prime and wooded area could of easily been one of the creepiest sections, but everything felt half-assed! I'll probably never revisit this place again, but hey you never know. D--

All in all my Halloween season was great! I got to check out a couple of really cool places, watched a bunch of horror movies, and created some awesome Halloween specials. Peace out Samhain. It's been real!!! 

New Needle's Halloween short: Samhainophobia (2016) 

Sexy Armpit Halloween Special (2016)

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