New Needle visits BBQ Films: Ghostbusters HQ

BBQ Films is an event production company that specializes in bringing classic films to life in the form of a giant party. Most of their events are topped off with the film being screened and several characters being recreated for photo ops and unique experiences. Unfortunately I missed a few of their past events, but was lucky to finally attend the latest... Ghostbusters HQ!

I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan like most kids that grew up in the late 80's/Early 90's. I obsessed over the movies, I watched the cartoon, and collected all the toys. I drank Ecto cooler and got a chance to see the (now retired) stage show out in Universal Studios Florida. Ghostbusters was my life and honestly not much has changed as an adult, so when I heard about this event I jumped at the opportunity and got a ticket.

When we got to the location the first thing we noticed were three different versions of the Ecto-1. This included the latest version from the upcoming reboot and a replica of the vehicle from the original sequel. Also painted across one of the exterior walls was a giant "No Ghost" logo with the BBQ Film logo attached to it. As we approached the line we noticed two men in suits. These were Walter Peck Jr. and Walter Peck Jr Jr. (if you're a fan, you get the reference) and they urged us not to enter the warehouse since the Ghostbusters were frauds. They even handed us a signed document detailing why. 

Once inside, we're given a portable proton pack and are greeted by Janine who gave us a brief overview and urged us to grab a map and check out all of the activities throughout the headquarters. Some of these activities included possession testing, a proton pack demo, and the slime lab. One of the activities not listed on our map was an ESP test. After being approached by Vinz Clortho (Key-master of Gozer), he recommended that we head up a flight of steps. Once upstairs we were greeted by two Ghostbusters sitting behind a table. We were then attached to a electric shock device and told to guess objects on the back of cards (Triangle, star, wavy lines, etc) If we guessed wrong we'd get zapped. This played out just like the scene in the beginning of the film with Peter Venkman and the two college students. 

There were also bars set up with Ghostbusters themed drink cocktails. I ordered an Ecto-Ketel One, which was quite delicious. I'll definitely be making myself a few of these when I'm home.  After a few hours they announced that the film was about to begin. We took our seats and sat back to watch the original 1984 film. It was great watching the movie with a large group of people. Everyone was laughing and quoting the lines, just having a ball. They even added a special light show at the climax of the film which encouraged the audience to participate. 

All in all this was an excellent experience. If BBQ film's event are all put together like this, then I look forward to attending another one in the future. This was a Ghostbuster fan's dream and the attention to detail along with the activities just made for one hell of a night. If you're in the New York area and want more info, check out their official site here. I'm sure these guys will have more to come in the future. 

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