"Infested" Short Film

Back in 2014, actor- writer Benjamin Bunce wrote a short screenplay and approached Louie Cortes about possibly collaborating on a shoot. Ben's script was phenomenal, so the decision to bring it to life was an easy one. At the time Louie’s’ New Needle Productions was in its infancy and had almost no films under their belt. On a hot summer day in July, New Needle Productions set out to produce Infested. Unfortunately, as is the case in the indie film world, there were a few technical issues like many filmmakers first starting out can encounter. The shoot was done on location on an extremely loud street during the day. Without being able to shut streets down, the shoot was subject to cars, kids, and barking dogs, of which there were plenty and avoiding them was a near impossibility.

Production wrapped in just two days. At this time Louie was also heavily involved in a (nightmarish) project and in the early stages of pre-production of what would end up being New Needle’s first feature-film, Good Day, so Infested was put on the back burner. The sound issues also took their toll on him and he even considered giving up salvaging the film. However, the performances from the actors were spot on and Ben had written a very witty script that was too good to sit on. Flash forward to now, with Good Day completed, Louie felt like this was the perfect time to showcase this short; to show people how this project pushed him as a filmmaker and taught him a valuable lesson to never give up and to always be proud of what you create.

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