OTHER Productions

Free Tibet: Stand With Larung Gar (Strive Music Video Cover) {2016}

This video was created to help spread awareness in a fun and positive light and hopefully encourage you to learn and be a part of this movement. A movement that needs WORLDWIDE SUPPORT.

Director - Tania Dutta
Director of Photography: Louie A. Cortes (New Needle) & Chris Insignares
Editor: Chris Insignares

Kew Gardens Festival Of Cinema Promo {2017}

Promotional video for The Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema.

Learn more about the festival at Kewgardensfestivalofcinema.com

Directors - Louie Cortes (New Needle) & Jayson Simba

Director of Photography - Louie Cortes (New Needle)

Editor - John Fallon

Ghetto Nerd Girl : Season Two {2017}

Ghetto Nerd Girl is a web series about a teen sick of her girlfriends and does the unthinkable during high school. Leaves her 'cool clique' to find new friends!

Diretor/Editor/Producer: Sally McGarvey 

Director of Photography: Louie Cortes (New Needle) & Matt Sundell 

Assitant Director: Louie Cortes (New Needle) 

New Needle's Tubing Adventure! (Short film) {2016}

Our tubing adventure. It was a rough one! (Summer 2016)

Shot at Tinker Town Tube Rental/Phoenicia, NY

Music by PornoDolphin: pornodolphin.bandcamp.com/

Shot by Albert Mora

Edited by Louie Cortes

Theta States (Feature Film) {2017} 

A chronic insomniac seeks help from a hypnotherapist, but he soon finds that something evil may be lurking in his nightmares.

Director/Writer - Manny Serrano

Producer - Lindsay Serrano

Cinematography - Louie Cortes (New Needle) & Manny Serrano

M is for Mastectomy (Short Film) {2013}

A woman, dealing with the aftermath of a disfiguring surgery, goes to extreme lengths.

Director - Manny Serrano
Concept/Writers - Manny Serrano & Lindsay Serrano
Cinematography - Manny Serrano & Louie Cortes (New Needle)
Special FX - Lindsay Serrano & Cat Martin
Music - Ramon Inoa
Grip - Ralph Merced

The Attack of the Brain People (Feature Film) {2013} 

While having a picnic, Bobby and Claire hear a crash in the woods. After going to investigate, Claire is attacked by a strange creature. Bobby runs to find help, but is kidnapped by a group of mysterious men in suits. Bobby must escape from them, and find a way to stop the alien menace before it takes over the whole world! 

Director - Louie Cortes (New Needle) & Lindsay Serrano
Writers - Louie Cortes (New Needle), Manny Serrano, and Lindsay Serrano
Cinematography - Manny Serrano & Louie Cortes (New Needle)

Available for rental and purchase on Vimeo

Blood Slaughter Massacre (Feature Film) {2013}

Blood Slaughter Massacre is a homage to 80's slasher movies. It was created in the vein of old slashers, stylized as though the movie had been released in the 80's.

Director - Manny Serrano 

Producer - Lindsay Serrano

Writers - Louie Cortes (New Needle) & Manny Serrano

Cinematography - Louie Cortes (New Needle) & Manny Serrano

Now available on Amazon

Blood Slaughter Massacre
Starring Matt W. Cody, Mike Roche, Byron M. Howard, Carmela Hayslett, Melissa Roth