Sub-cultured reviews our first feature - length film Good Day

Director Louie Cortes sits down with John Fallon at the KGFC Filmmakers Lounge - hosted by Ateaz Organic Coffee & Tea - to talk about his film “Good Day."

Louie Cortes, director of Good Day, was interviewed by the Forest Hills Times. He goes in depth about Halloween influencing the film and his excitement for the Good Day World Premiere on August 12th.

Louie Cortes was a guest on the the Filmmaking Sucks podcast. They cover the topic of networking and collaboration in the independent film world. 



Louie Cortes was a guest on the B-movie Bros Podcast. They discuss everything from how Louie first got into filmmaking, how his childhood shaped that decision, and ultimately, what led to New Needles' first feature-length production, Good Day.

Horror Society reviews our short film Samhainophobia.
" "By using silent film and black and white scenes against dialogue and color corrected scenes, the viewer gets a lot of conflicting elements that makes Samhainophobia an interesting, artistic horror-drama."

Louie Cortes discusses Holidays of Terror, The Attack of the brain people, and Blood Slaughter Massacre on the Movie Tomb. Also interviewed Is Mass Grave Pictures.